With everything that is going on today in politics and around the world, there has been a lot of people that have lost hope. I designed a campaign that is going to provoke positive thought. Creating a system to get people to think about enjoying their life and motivating them to say yes to life. In western society, it is easy as you get older to get caught up running in circles your entire life. My goal with this campaign is to get my audience to think about what they are saying yes to and what yes might mean to them. I am creating an outlet for people to be mindful of their decisions and helping spread positivity and motivation. 

Using my marketing background and influence from fine arts and street art culture I am creating a yes campaign in the form of street art, social media, and guerilla advertising to confront people in their everyday activities. By using the public as an exhibition space I am able to stop my viewers in their steps and make them think about what yes means. In a culture where people want answers, by giving the word yes with no answers in the form of guerilla and social media advertising allows the viewer to use their mind to think about this campaign in their own way.

-Hallie Mitchell, Spring, 2017